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History In The Making

History is the study of past events or the study and/or recording of past events that relate to a particular subject, place, organization, etc.

Twenty-one years ago (2001), three churches were planted in Vallejo independent and separate from each other. New Life Church was founded by Pastor Paul Richardson and his wife, Minister Nealetta Richardson; Wells of Blessing Ministries was founded by Pastor Cliff Lawson and his wife Femie Lawson and New Hope Church Community was also founded by Pastor Terrence Nichols and his wife Madeline Nichols. God later brought New Life Church and New Hope Church together as one.


And the plot thickens…..


Several years later, Pastor Jonathan Johnson and his wife Chavette had closed their ministry, Rhema Worship Center and he became the Minister of Music at New Hope Church. And in 2016, Pastor Cliff Lawson and His wife Femie merged their ministry, Wells of Blessing Ministries, into our church family. Although we had not officially changed our name, we began worshipping as New Hope Church Community (The United Fellowship).


God has brought all four pastors together to formulate a unique Pastoral Team that is working together to reach, teach, preach, and train disciples for the Kingdom. All members have become one and we are indeed a United Fellowship.

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