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Cliff Lawson was born in Indianapolis, IN, the oldest of 3 children borne to Cliff (Sr.) and Joyce Lawson. On his 7th birthday, he was prophesied over by his church-planting grandfather, Maurice Frye: 


Birthday cards are fun to get.

I even like them myself.

But you read them over a few times and maybe lay them on the shelf.

You finally put them in the trash and see them go up in flame.

But here is one for you Grandson Called: Enter into God’s Hall of Fame.

Happy birthday Cliffie Lawson and may you be blessed of God,

That you may walk each day you live where the saints of God have trod.

May your every step take you straight ahead, 

Turn not to left nor right,

But let God’s Word direct your path into eternal life.

And let His love dwell in your heart and you will surely see,

that “The Flames of Wrath” will not destroy this birthday wish throughout eternity

And someday I’d like to see you after you’ve grown to be a man

Standing in a pulpit with a Bible in your hand. 

Preaching to the people “repent of all your sins

And get baptized in Jesus name if you would enter in"

And then to hear you tell them “to get the Holy Ghost

and speak with other tongues like they did at Pentecost"

So you’ll have to be a good boy and trust in Jesus name

And someday God will put you in His blessed “Hall of Fame”

With Love

Grandpaw Frye


In 2001 Cliff and his wife, Femie, founded a ministry in Val"lejo, Wells of Blessing Ministries encouraging people to: “Stay in the Word, stand in prayer, experience the victory!" At the same time, Cliff was working at J. E. Higgins Lumber Company (a $384 million dollar per year, multi-state company) as a PC & Network Support Technician. Believing that God wanted to display His anointing in the workplace, Cliff began praying blessings over the company and miracles began showing up on the job. One such miracle was when the company’s network failed with no apparent reason. Without the network no sales could be made across 4 states, potentially resulting in massive losses of several million dollars. While standing in the main computer room in front of some of the routers, Cliff began praying in the Spirit. All of a sudden he saw, in a vision, two hands appear moving towards one of the routers. The hands gripped two of the Ethernet cords, one in each hand, and switched them. This showed Cliff where the problem was and how to fix it. He just obeyed the heavenly vision, and the network was immediately restored.


Cliff and Femie met in 1985 while he was stationed in Wiesbaden, West Germany with the U.S. Air Force. For him, it was “love at first sight.” Now married for more than 38 years, they have 2 adult children, Abigail and Andrew and 3 adorable grandchildren.

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Cliff Lawson

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